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Five Tips for Applying to Internships & Entry-Level Positions in Arts Management




Camille Schenkkan blogs her advice on getting the work you want by presenting the right materials in the right way.



I love my job. Yes, I said it. I love my job.






Ruby Harper blogs on how an unconventional path led her to the arts job she loves.




Some funny things happen when I tell people I love my job.  First, they don’t believe me. Second, they ask me how long I could stay. Third, they don’t believe me.







Aryana Alexis Anderson blogs on how to keep your "extracurricular" interests alive to fuel your creative spirit.





We Aren't Preparing Young People for Careers at Disney or Apple





Lisa Philips blogs on the need for creative expertise in today's workforce.




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3 Tips for Acing the Interview

Job interviews don't need to be stressful and worrisome experiences.  When you've been selected to meet with a potential employer, it's important for you to remember you're learning as much about the organization and it's learning about you.  These three quickt tips will help you sail through an interview and help you decide if this is an opportunity you'll want to pursue.

1. Do research first

The Way to Carnegie Hall: Practice, Practice, Practice--and Take Chances



Marla Sincavage blogs on how a career-changing arts internship helped her move from layoff to success.



Maker's Mark: How "Doing" Shapes Thinking about "Work"

Photo: Lex Leifheit



Lex Leifheit blogs on the how seweing, her new avocation, informs her ongoing professional work.



3 Tips for More Effective Resumes

When crafting your resume, it's easy to get caught up in expressing what a strong candidate you are with long sentences, a lot of text, and detailed storytelling.  But here are a few things to consider about the reader of your resume—keep these ideas in mind when crafting your resume to have the maximum effect on hiring managers.  Keep in mind these maxims are "worst case scenarios" for job seekers and not necessarily the standard operating procedures for all hiring managers.

Encyclopedia Green: Confessions of a Generalist




Cali Green blogs on the value and virtues of being a successful generalist who can thrive in any workplace.





That's typically the answer I give after meeting someone who says, "oh, you're a writer...? What do you write?" 

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